warren – for GCW

Rabbit like. At first eyes wide, alert —
Then unfocused.
Ears feel aloft, but not
Catching sounds; 
you come unwound.
Back and forth with
Hair unbraiding.
Thoughts emptying, you’re mumbling.
Lights blinding. Limbs twitching to the music you’ve only just found you were hiding.
Watch him.
He hops.
Hip hop? Not yet.
How high did you say?
Going up.
Stop –
Don’t stop. What? I was saying
…I forgot.
Chop chop. 
Lucky foot, you know that you can’t easily hop now.
Gone west and eyes dulling,
Wait. Did you..?
I’m sure that I said that line out loud already. 
It’s much less than steady while trying
And failing
But trying and floating while all else
Is rushing. The ground
Like a cushion. Can’t walk to the kitchen for nothing. For something. 
The tunnel is widening as 
You keep forgetting
And rubbing your foot.
Alice said it was lucky. That time she
Fell down
deep in the hole
In the world where you’re laying.
Still laughing.