paper lanterns

Pretty aren’t they?

Hey there folks. As promised, here’s a picture taken just after the installation of the garden lights. Will get some taken at night for the full effect and add them here too.

howl howl, gargle gargle

“Ok its another prost(?) via the mobile tonight love, Just to see how it copes with external noise really. I wanted to leave a longer message but apparently you can, they will see how you get off with this one. Bye.”

spoken through SpinVox

It’s beneficial to maintain

So. On my afternoon off I dug up our pyracanthus tree and set about the beds in the back garden. All this after a major tidy yesterday. I have decided I’m going to have the beds refreshed with organic matter and made ready to plant.

Hence the digging up of the tree. It had been listing alarmingly since last summer and was one hell of a fierce spiny mofo.

So after adding stuff to the beds I’ll be planting all manner of plants – flowers and things to eat – and hope to post pictures as we go along. Who knows what we’ll end up with as our friend Martyn has an allotment and has oodles of seedlings for us.

What fun!

Daniel Elizabeth Wildsmith

Just a quick post.

I was looking through some photos and came across this little beauty. It was August 2006, and our mate Dan had just married the delicious Jane. Literally, just married that very day. We provided the floral work and I took lots of nice pictures. As the photo shoot finished I decided to take a few Shauny-shots, via the point and hold the camera at arms length while hoping method. Anyway, unknown to me Dan had decided he needed to join in, and this is the result. 
That kind of says it all.
Nice one Dan  :o)


Gentle spring rain falls. Dampens the ground – makes it shine. Glad I’m indoors now.

That’s a Haiku for you, you lovely people. I originally Tweeted it to Twitter, but like it so much I thought I’d preserve it by posting it here too.

You may/may not have noticed, but my blog is now located at Still hosted by the Blogspot/Blogger/Google triad, but it feels a bit more lovely this way. Hope you don’t mind. [April 2017 edit: blog now hosted and made without any of those companies being involved because reasons]

There’s still a gentle rain falling, and our lurcher (Dr Gonzo) is pleased to be sitting out on the balcony watching for cats committing trespasses against him. In the rain. Worth noting that there is an occasional cat that strolls through the garden, but it’s not present today. Dr Gonzo cares not, however. The hope of cat seems almost as pleasing to him as the advent of said.


Such a sweet dog he is.

Monday morning

And I’ve decided to start blogging again. No real reason, but there’s an article on Radio 4 about emailing your future self, and that got me thinking. I’m not sure I can do that, but I can say what I’m feeling now. And read it later.